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2012 Precedent Nothing To Speak Of

2012 has been a relatively quiet fire law year from the perspective of major legal rulings being handed down. In fact, in my annual review for Firehouse which I submitted today, I opted to not even discuss 2012 precedent setting ...

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Georgia Firefighter Suspected in Over 20 Arson Fires

A volunteer firefighter in Lafayette, Georgia has been arrested and charged with one count of arson. However, Marvin Chase, 32, is a suspect in over 20 fires and is being referred to as a serial arsonist. According to one news report he admitted ...

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West Virginia Firefighters Charged with Arson

Four volunteer firefighters from Logan County, West Virginia have been arrested on arson charges. The three adults and one juvenile, along with two non-firefighters, were charged in connection with several fires in the Buffalo Creek area that occurred last spring. Channel ...

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