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Connecticut Fire Department Not Liable for Arson By Volunteer

A Connecticut jury has ruled in favor of the Mystic Fire District in a civil suit filed by the owner of a house that was set on fire in 2008 by a volunteer firefighter. Gretchen Chipperini alleged that the negligence of the fire district’s leadership made the district liable for the actions of probationary firefighter William Celtruda who set the fire on July 25, 2008.

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Illinois Firefighter Charged with Arson

A volunteer firefighter suspected in a series of fires has been arrested in Illinois. Blake T. Walsh, 24, the Williamsfield Fire Department was arrested yesterday in connection with a “series of arsons involving hay bales and grass fields which primarily ...

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More Arson and Theft Cases in the News

Three volunteer firefighters in three different states are in the news today for misconduct, and the charges are no surprise: arson and theft from a volunteer fire department. In Idaho, an 18-year-old volunteer firefighter has been arrested for setting a ...

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Maine Firefighter Pleads Guilty to Arson

A volunteer firefighter suspected in a series of fires in Maine last summer, accepted a plea agreement last week and began serving a prison term. Timothy Tiess, 37, of the Pleasant Point Fire Department, was charged with five counts of ...

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Another Firefighter Charged with Arson

Another firefighter has been charged with arson, this time a paid-on-call firefighter in Presque Isle, Maine. He is accused of setting a fire at Northeast Packaging Co., where he was also employed. The fire last Friday, November 13th, 2009, destroyed the ...

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