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Illinois Firefighter Charged with Arson

A volunteer firefighter suspected in a series of fires has been arrested in Illinois. Blake T. Walsh, 24, the Williamsfield Fire Department was arrested yesterday in connection with a “series of arsons involving hay bales and grass fields which primarily ...

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More Arson and Theft Cases in the News

Three volunteer firefighters in three different states are in the news today for misconduct, and the charges are no surprise: arson and theft from a volunteer fire department. In Idaho, an 18-year-old volunteer firefighter has been arrested for setting a ...

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Maine Firefighter Pleads Guilty to Arson

A volunteer firefighter suspected in a series of fires in Maine last summer, accepted a plea agreement last week and began serving a prison term. Timothy Tiess, 37, of the Pleasant Point Fire Department, was charged with five counts of ...

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Another Firefighter Charged with Arson

Another firefighter has been charged with arson, this time a paid-on-call firefighter in Presque Isle, Maine. He is accused of setting a fire at Northeast Packaging Co., where he was also employed. The fire last Friday, November 13th, 2009, destroyed the ...

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