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Pennsylvania Labor Board Reverses Firing of Chambersburg IAFF VP

The abuse of firefighter union officials in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania has been well chronicled here on Fire Law Blog. At every juncture of its multi-year struggle with the borough’s elected and appointed officials, The Greater Chambersburg Area Paid Fire Fighters, IAFF 1813 have prevailed. Here are a few of the headlines

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Labor Board Issues Another Complaint Against North Kingstown

On the heals of the Town Council bypassing the union and taking a settlement offer directly to individual firefighters, the Rhode Island State Labor Relations Board has filed yet another unfair labor practice complaint against the Town of North Kingstown at the request of North Kingstown Firefighters, IAFF Local 1651.

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Another Round Goes to NK Firefighters

Yadiyadiyada…. North Kingstown Firefighters IAFF Local 1651 …yadiyadiyada… prevailed once again ….yadiyadiyada…. state labor board … yadiyadiyada… same old song and dance …yadiyadiyada… getting to be repetitious …yadiyadiyada…

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North Kingstown Firefighters Prevail Again

There has been another decision favoring the North Kingstown Firefighters, IAFF Local 1651 in the contentious battle with town over switching from a four-shift 42 hour work-week to a three-shift fifty-six hour work-week without negotiating or compensating them for the ...

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NK Firefighters Victorious Yet Again

Not to be remiss in reporting important fire law headlines, North Kingstown Firefighters IAFF Local 1651 have won another round of their epic battle with the town of North Kingstown by prevailing at the state labor board on their unfair ...

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Sanity Finally Prevails in Chambersburg

Its been a long year for Greater Chambersburg Area Paid Fire Fighters IAFF Local 1813, but a hearing officer for the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board has finally added some sanity to what had been a series of labor setbacks. Stating ...

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