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Lynchburg Facing Sexual Harassment Suit

The City of Lynchburg, Virginia is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit by a former female firefighter who claims she was subjected to a sexually hostile work environment culminating in her decision to resign in 2015. Ruth Anne L. Phillips alleges she was subjected to “unlawful employment discrimination and hostile work environment based on age, gender, sex, sexual harassment, assault, and retaliation."

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Suit Accuses NY Fire Department of Sexual Harassment

A veteran Schenectady firefighter has filed suit against the city claiming she has been subjected to a variety of outrageous comments and conduct creating a sexually hostile workplace. Jennifer Costa, a firefighter and paramedic in the Schenectady Fire Department since 2001, claims she was repeatedly subjected to lewd behavior; passed over for promotion in favor of less senior, less qualified and less well-trained males; and retaliated against following complaints she made about harassing behavior.

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Fired Missouri Chief Gains Reprieve

A Missouri deputy chief who was fired in 2011 and sued unsuccessfully for wrongful termination to get his job back, has been rehired by the same department as assistant fire chief. Deputy Chief Cary Spiegel was one of four chief ...

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