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Canadian Chief Guilt of Sexually Assaulting Subordinates

A Canadian fire chief has been convicted of sexual assaulting three of his subordinates in the fire station. Robert Bennett, who was the fire chief of the Fort St. James Fire Department in British Columbia, was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault in the BC Supreme Court. He is to be sentenced next week.

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Louisiana Chief Fired For Slapping Butt of Female Firefighter

A Louisiana fire chief has been terminated and is facing criminal charges for slapping a female firefighter on the butt during a fire prevention program at a local school. Fire Chief Michael Arnold of the Eunice Fire Department was terminated earlier this week by the Eunice City Council. The incident reportedly occurred on October 9, 2014.

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Firefighters Claim Sexual Harassment by US Forest Service

A group of seven current and former US Forest Service firefighters have filed a wide-ranging complaint alleging sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and gender discrimination. The complaint was filed last month with the US Department of Agriculture, the parent agency of the US Forest Service.

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Lewdness Charges Dropped Against Tucson Captain

The lewdness charges brought against a Tucson fire captain for allegedly harassing a subordinate were dismissed last week. The Pima County Attorney's Office dropped three misdemeanor charges against Captain Roger Tamietti last Monday. The charges were brought after paramedic firefighter ...

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NJ Fire Company Suspended

  Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse… The story we covered a few days ago about a sexual assault in a volunteer fire station in New Jersey just got a bit worse with news that the victim of ...

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Sacramento Metro Sex Scandal Case Heads to Trial

A seven-year-old wrongful termination suit arising out of a nasty sexual misconduct scandal is finally headed to a federal jury. The suit was brought by Fire Captain Mark Thomsen, a 19 year veteran with the Sacramento Metro Fire Department who ...

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