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San Diego Fire Sued For Gender Discrimination

A firefighter recruit who washed out of a San Diego Fire Academy class due to an injury, and then failed a mandatory run at the start her second academy, has filed suit alleging sexual harassment, gender discrimination and retaliation. Nicole Pappas filed suit alleging four counts of state law employment discrimination...

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San Diego Fire Investigating Complaint About Interference With Filming In Public

The San Diego Fire Department is investigating a complaint filed by a videographer who claims that a firefighter touched him as he was filming an EMS patient on a public street. The videographer, J.C. Playford, was filming a female patient as she was being wheeled on a stretcher toward an ambulance when the unidentified firefighter confronted Playford and the two begin arguing.

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Korean Paramedic Accuses San Diego of Discrimination

A firefighter of Korean decent has filed suit against the San Diego Fire Department claiming the department’s refusal to reinstate him as a paramedic constitutes ethnicity discrimination. Steve Choi filed suit last month in San Diego County Superior Court alleging ...

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