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Chiefs, Deployments, Reimbursements and Overtime

Today’s burning question: If an Assistant Chief who is classified as an exempt executive employee is deployed on a 2-week wildland or USAR deployment that is fully reimbursable through FEMA or the state, can the fire department only pay the assistant chief his regular weekly salary?

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What Should A Salary Be Divided By To Determine Hourly Rate

Today’s burning question: Our city calculates our hourly pay by dividing our salary by 56 hours, not 53 hours. In other words, our hourly rate for overtime purposes is calculated by dividing the weekly salary by 56 hours. Shouldn’t they use 53 hours since the FLSA states that is the maximum allowable number of hours per week for firefighters?

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Charleston Firefighters Prevail in Overtime Dispute

The US District Court for the District of South Carolina handed down a ruling today finding that the City of Charleston violated the Fair Labor Standards Act in the manner in which it compensated its firefighters for overtime. The class action suit was filed by six Charleston firefighters in 2013 who alleged a variety of FLSA violations.

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