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Cellphone Searches and Stipends

Today’s burning question: My fire department gives firefighters a stipend of $125 dollars a year to cover the costs of various text messages they send us and any work related calls we make/receive. Does this give the department the right to search our personal phones?Answer: No, a simple stipend would not – in and of itself – authorize a fire department to “search” someone’s cellphone

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Cyberbullying – The Ugly Side of Social Media

We have all seen the comical photos of Walmart shoppers in various modes of dress and undress. One performer has even made several humorous music videos depicting the weirdos and crazies. Facebook itself had its origins by showing photos of ...

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Video Recording on EMS Units

Today’s burning question:  My fire department is installing video cameras on each ambulance, covering both inside the cab and box, and outside as well. Is this is legal? I think the administration is merely trying to spy on us and ...

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Electronic Monitoring Case: Connecticut

A very interesting case was decided on January 5, 2010 involving the Bridgeport, Connecticut Fire Department. In May of 2007, the city acquired new vehicles for city fire inspectors, and installed GPS devices in order to electronically monitor the movement ...

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Firefighter and ACLU Sue Town for Privacy Violation

On December 4, 2009, the RI affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a Johnston firefighter against the town and its police chief, alleging that the release of the  firefighter's driver's license information ...

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