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Louisiana Chief Sues Over Threats

A Louisiana fire chief who was cooperating with federal authorities looking into financial improprieties associated with the previous administration has filed suit claiming his resignation last year was actually a constructive termination. Stanley Wajda served as the fire chief of the Hahnville Volunteer Fire Department for only six months. He resigned last July after receiving numerous threats from members he claims were loyal to the past fire chief.

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Texas Fire Chief Resigns Amidst Nepotism Allegations

The fire chief of Travis County Emergency Services District No. 4 has resigned under pressure from the district board after it was revealed that his two daughters and his future son-in-law were on the payroll. What is unclear from news reports is whether this was simply another firefighter being caught-up in an overly-broad nepotism policy, or whether ethical boundaries had been crossed in terms of hiring and supervision.

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Family Ties and Chain of Command

Here is today’s burning question: I have been volunteering with a small rural fire district for about 11 years. I was promoted to lieutenant by the previous chief, but since he left 7 years ago I have had nothing but ...

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Springfield Fire Cited By State Civil Service Commission

The Massachusetts Civil Service Commission has handled down a decision that harshly criticizes the selection process used by the Springfield Fire Department to hire 21 new firefighters. The Commission was responding to the complaints of four candidates who claimed they ...

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