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Headlines Versus Reality: A Tale of Two Cities

A veteran FDNY Firefighter has been terminated and the headlines claim it is because he was wearing a shirt that was offensive to minority firefighters. What is the truth behind that headline, and why do so many of us stop with the headline?

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Chief Officer Accused of Trying to Influence Subordinate’s Testimony

A chief officer from Hartford, Connecticut, who has been in the public spotlight on a number of accounts, is now being accused of trying a influence a subordinate's testimony in a disciplinary proceeding. Deputy Chief Terry Waller is accused of suggesting to Fire Captain Luis Ocasio that he be less than candid in his testimony in a hearing for a firefighter accused of being intoxicated while on duty...

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Medical Confidentiality and HIPAA Hysteria

Today’s burning question: I work for a fire department as a Firefighter – Paramedic. We have a quality assurance program in place for EMS. The department has EMTs doing quality assurance reviews on medical reports submitted by the Paramedics. In addition, ...

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