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Post Accident Drug Testing in the Headlines

Today’s burning question: After an apparatus accident last week and I was sent for routine drug/alcohol testing. The local newspaper wrote an article about the accident naming me as the driver and indicating that I was sent for drug testing. The way it was written implied I was sent because I did something wrong.

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Use of Firefighter’s Photo In Sex Scandal Story Prompts Suit

A decorated Philadelphia firefighter is suing the New York Daily News claiming that in January when the paper was covering a major sex scandal in the Philadelphia Fire Department, it wrongly used his photo and name implying he was somehow involved. Francis Cheney II filed suit against the paper in Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas on February 11, 2015. The case was removed to US District Court last week by the Daily News.

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Emergency Scene Photos and Expectation of Privacy in Gated Communities

Today’s burning question: I serve as the photographer for my department. In my station’s first due district we have a gated community. In the event of a response into the development, would the residents have a greater expectation of privacy from photo-taking since the area is gated? Answer: The short answer is the taking of the photos/video is probably legal, but the use of the photos/video is what is more likely to get you into trouble.

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