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Settlement Announced in FDNY Discrimination Suit

In breaking news, a settlement has been announced in the contentious seven-year-old race discrimination suit involving the FDNY. The suit was brought by the United States Department of Justice at the request of the Vulcan Society and numerous African American ...

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FDNY Sued over Sliding Pole Injury

An FDNY fire lieutenant who claims he hurt his back sliding down a wet pole last March, has filed suit against the city. Christopher Cooke, 50, suffered a fractured vertebrae sliding the pole at Engine Co. 254.  Lt. Cooke claims ...

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Top 10 Fire Law Stories for 2013

Happy New Year everyone!!! Here are my top ten stories for 2013. The list is not all YCMTSU, and it certainly is not about major legal precedents… but it does represent the highlight of things that have been going on ...

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NY and PA Lawsuits in the News

Two negligence lawsuits are in the fire law news today, one in New York involving the delayed response of an FDNY ambulance, the other in Pennsylvania where a firefighter aboard a tanker driven by an intoxicated chief is suing the ...

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FDNY Hit with $3.7 Million in Attorneys Fees

U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas Garaufis has awarded attorneys for the Vulcan Society $3.7 million in fees for their work on the epic race discrimination suit against the city of New York and FDNY. Judge Garaufis ruled that the attorneys ...

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