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Everett Firefighter Sues Alleging Race Discrimination

An Everett, Washington firefighter has filed suit alleging race discrimination and retaliation. Jason O. Anderson filed suit last week in US District Court for the Western District of Washington alleging one court of race discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and one count of retaliation.

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Washington Appeals Court Rules Staffing Is Bargainable Subject

The Washington Court of Appeals has upheld a ruling by the Public Employment Relations Commission that staffing is a mandatory subject for bargaining when it has “a demonstratedly direct relationship” to firefighter workload and safety. The case involved an interest arbitration between IAFF Local 46 and the City of Everett.

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Too Many Fire Law Headlines

It is one of those days at Fire Law, where there are simply too many headlines to follow them all. So take your pick. Will it be the Everett, Washington firefighters that drove a drunk homeless man out of town and left him, or the Hartford lieutenant who assaulted a captain at a fire scene apparently because the captain disrespected him, or the Oregon firefighter who is charged with sexually assaulting a colleague while training last year in Texas, or whether CalFire is obligated to pay the PSOBP benefits to contract firefighter-pilots killed in air-tanker crashes.

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