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Maine Chief Terminated Over Amputations

A long-serving Maine fire chief is contemplating filing suit over his recent termination that was attributed to his legs being amputated. Skowhegan Fire Chief Tom Keene, was terminated on December 30, 2013 by Town Manager John Doucette Jr. Doucette admitted ...

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Asthmatic Massachusetts Firefighter Terminated

A Lawrence, Massachusetts firefighter who was denied a disability pension for an asthma condition, has been terminated. Tim Atwood, 49, a Lawrence firefighter since 2004, was terminated last week. He has been out of work since January 11, 2012, when ...

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Sac Metro Firefighter Claims ADA Discrimination

A Sacramento Metro firefighter who developed epilepsy in 2006, has filed suit claiming that the department’s efforts to force her retirement were in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Shannon Baker, a 12 year veteran, suffered her first seizure ...

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Oakland Settles Discrimination Case: Seizures

Captain Vicky Evans-Robinson, 55,  who worked as a spokeswoman for the Oakland Fire Department, recently settled a disability discrimination lawsuit with the city for $245,000. The law suit had alleged that the department refused to allow Evans-Robinson to return to ...

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