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Massachusetts Suit Removed to Federal Court

A lawsuit filed last month in state court by four Massachusetts firefighters has been removed to federal court by attorneys retained for the defense by the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Agency. The suit was filed on September 2, 2014 by four former members of the Groton Fire Department.

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YCMTSU New Haven

In a case that is certain to be a contender for the YCMTSU Case of the Year for 2014, an applicant for the New Haven Fire Department is suing the city claiming he was passed over because the Fire Chief is having a relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

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Nova Scotia Social Media Defamation Suit Dismissed

A defamation suit filed by two former chiefs against two former firefighters for comments anonymously posted on-line has been dismissed. Former Halifax Fire Chief Bill Mosher and former Deputy Chief Stephen Thurber filed suit against former firefighters Blair Cromwell and ...

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Boston Chief Resigns

Boston Fire Chief Steve E. Abraira who last week threatened to sue 13 of his deputy chiefs, has opted to resign. Chief Abraira tendered his resignation today effective Friday, June 7, 2013. Last Friday the chief’s threat to sue was ...

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Washington Firefighters Victorious In Retaliation Suit

Seven firefighters from Pullman, Washington have been awarded $1 million in damages in a mind-boggling case worthy of a novel, if not a movie. The case included allegations of a workplace affair, vindictive retaliation, sexual harassment, an officer asking subordinates ...

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