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Fired Texas Recruit Files Race Discrimination Suit

An Austin firefighter cadet who was fired in 2016 for poor performance has filed suit claiming he was the victim of race discrimination. Damon Easter filed suit last Friday in US District Court accusing the department and academy instructors of being on a “continuous crusade” against him...

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Buffalo Fire Argues That Four Decades is Enough

In 1974, the US DOJ filed suit against Buffalo alleging the fire department’s hiring process was discriminatory. What followed was nearly forty years of court mandated hiring quotas overseen by Judge John T. Curtin. Now the city is seeking to end the court mandated hiring quotas and bring Judge Curtin’s role in hiring to an end...

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DOJ and Austin Settle Discrimination Suit

The City of Austin, Texas and the US Department of Justice have reach an agreement to settle a race discrimination lawsuit filed in 2013. The DOJ filed suit on behalf of 12 African-American and 18 Hispanic applicants who alleged the ...

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