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Are BCs Eligible for Overtime Under the FLSA

Today’s burning question: Are battalion chiefs considered to be exempt executives under the FLSA and not eligible for overtime? Answer: That is the key question in a recently filed suit out of Vancouver, Washington. Eight current and former Vancouver battalion chiefs are suing the department

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Montana City Challenges BCs Being in Firefighters Union

The City of Bozeman is challenging a ruling of the Montana Board of Personnel Appeals that three new battalion chiefs should be included within IAFF Local 613. The ruling issued last June concluded that all positions below the rank of deputy chief should remain within the bargaining unit.

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Illinois Battalion Chiefs Seek Pension Credit

Two Illinois battalion chiefs have filed suit claiming that their pensions ought to include credit for time they served prior to the establishment of the pension. Battalion Chiefs Michael Majercik and Joseph Krueger allege that a pension plan established in ...

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