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Fired FDNY Probie Sues Over Harassment By Colleagues

An FDNY probie who washed out during his first year, has filed suit alleging he was subjected to an assortment of outrageous conduct by his coworkers. Michael Tronia filed suit last Friday alleging discrimination under federal, state and local law; assault and battery; retaliation; and Constitutional violations.

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7th Circuit Reinstates Chicago Firefighter’s Discrimination Suit

A lawsuit that accuses a Chicago Fire Department lieutenant and captain of discrimination, hostile work environment, and retaliation has been reinstated by the US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. The suit was filed by former firefighter Roberto Alamo against Lieutenant Charlie Bliss, Captain Patrick Stefan and the City of Chicago.

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Chicago Police Fire War Case Resurfaces

A Chicago police officer who was involved in an on-duty altercation with a Chicago fire captain in 2011 that resulted in a $1.6 million settlement in favor of the police officer, has filed a new suit claiming he was demoted in retaliation for the first suit.

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