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Chicago Police Fire War Case Resurfaces

A Chicago police officer who was involved in an on-duty altercation with a Chicago fire captain in 2011 that resulted in a $1.6 million settlement in favor of the police officer, has filed a new suit claiming he was demoted in retaliation for the first suit.

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Indiana Chief Arrested as Police Fire War Brews

An Indiana fire chief was arrested at the scene of a house fire Tuesday for reportedly pushing a police officer who was breaking windows in an attempt to ventilate the building. The incident occurred in the Town of Cannelton and involved Cannelton Police Officer Ryen Foertsch and Cannelton Fire Chief Christopher Herzog.

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San Diego Fire Investigating Complaint About Interference With Filming In Public

The San Diego Fire Department is investigating a complaint filed by a videographer who claims that a firefighter touched him as he was filming an EMS patient on a public street. The videographer, J.C. Playford, was filming a female patient as she was being wheeled on a stretcher toward an ambulance when the unidentified firefighter confronted Playford and the two begin arguing.

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