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2012 Precedent Nothing To Speak Of

2012 has been a relatively quiet fire law year from the perspective of major legal rulings being handed down. In fact, in my annual review for Firehouse which I submitted today, I opted to not even discuss 2012 precedent setting ...

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Key Largo Volunteer Not an Employee under FLSA

At what point does a volunteer firefighter who receives some nominal compensation for his services become an underpaid employee entitled to at least minimum wage? That question was recently put to the test in Key Largo, Florida when Corey Freeman ...

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FLSA 20% Rule

Today’s Burning Question: How does the FLSA 20% rule with regard to volunteers work? We are having a debate over this at our department and our Firehouse Lawyers seem to disagree. Answer: The FLSA’s 20% rule with regard to volunteers ...

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