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Workers Compensation

Should Cancer Presumption Laws Be Data or Policy Driven

Today’s burning question: Our union has been fighting for a cancer presumption provision in our collective bargaining agreement for years to no avail. We have even started working at the state level to get legislation enacted. Isn’t there a way we can force the city to accept the obvious: that firefighting increases the risk of contracting cancer?

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FDNY Sued over Sliding Pole Injury

An FDNY fire lieutenant who claims he hurt his back sliding down a wet pole last March, has filed suit against the city. Christopher Cooke, 50, suffered a fractured vertebrae sliding the pole at Engine Co. 254.  Lt. Cooke claims ...

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Florida Comp Ruling Favors St Pete Firefighter

Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeal has overturned a ruling by a three judge panel that concluded that Florida’s 104 week limit on workers comp was unconstitutional under state law. The case involves a St. Petersburg firefighter, Bradley Westphal, who ...

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Illinois Division Chief Sues for Comp Retaliation

A division chief with the Tri-State Fire Protection District has filed suit alleging his discharge last October was retaliation for him having filed a heart related workers comp claim and using medical leave. Division Chief David Basek filed suit last ...

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Phoenix Firefighters Allege Fraud By Comp Provider

Eight Phoenix firefighters have filed suit against the city’s workers compensation claims adjusting firm alleging fraud, conspiracy and racketeering (RICO) violations. The 31 page complaint was filed in US District Court by Laurie Miller, Brian Dimas, Kim Mills, Anthony Soza, ...

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Texas Firefighter Sues For Comp Disability

A Texas firefighter who was terminated while recuperating from a back injury has filed suit seeking $1 million in damages. University Park Fire Department Paramedic Brad Tucker, 31, was injured on October 20, 2011 while lifting a patient. He had ...

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