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Connecticut Firefighter Demoted Over Facebook Comments

A Connecticut firefighter who posted comments about killing pit bulls on Facebook has been demoted and is now facing organized petition drives calling for his termination. Richard Prince was the deputy fire marshal in the Torrington Fire Department. He posted ...

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Top 10 Fire Law Stories for 2013

Happy New Year everyone!!! Here are my top ten stories for 2013. The list is not all YCMTSU, and it certainly is not about major legal precedents… but it does represent the highlight of things that have been going on ...

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Howard County Facebook and the First Amendment

Last month we covered a lawsuit filed on behalf of Howard County Battalion Chief Kevin Buker who was terminated over a series of Facebook posts on gun control last January. Yesterday, we reviewed a second suit by Mark Grutzmacher, a ...

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Second Suit Filed Over Maryland Facebook Firing

A second federal court lawsuit has been filed over the firing of two members of Howard County Department of Fire & Rescue for their social media comments on gun control. Mark Grutzmacher, a volunteer firefighter with Howard County, filed suit ...

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Photos, HIPAA, and the First Amendment

Today’s burning question: I am a career firefighter and one of my passions while off duty is to take photos at fire and emergency scenes. I typically post them to my web site and occasionally I post on Facebook and ...

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Palo Alto Fundraiser Alert Update

I have a follow-up to the post last week about the Palo Alto Fire Department’s use of a county-wide alerting system to inform residents about a pancake fundraiser. You may recall the alert prompted some in the community to question ...

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