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Tennessee Retirees Challenge Reduction in Cola

Two retired Chattanooga firefighters have filed a class action suit claiming the city’s attempt to cut their pensions is illegal. William Melhorn and James Gaston joined two retired Chattanooga police officers, Johnny Frazier and Reuben Salter, in filing a nine-page ...

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Illinois Battalion Chiefs Seek Pension Credit

Two Illinois battalion chiefs have filed suit claiming that their pensions ought to include credit for time they served prior to the establishment of the pension. Battalion Chiefs Michael Majercik and Joseph Krueger allege that a pension plan established in ...

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Omaha Firefighters NFPA 1710 Suit Dismissed

This just in – Nebraska District Court Judge James Gleason has dismissed a lawsuit by IAFF Local 385 against the City of Omaha alleging that Mayor Jean Stothert's proposed 2014 budget will violate their collective bargaining agreement. The firefighters alleged ...

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Asthmatic Massachusetts Firefighter Terminated

A Lawrence, Massachusetts firefighter who was denied a disability pension for an asthma condition, has been terminated. Tim Atwood, 49, a Lawrence firefighter since 2004, was terminated last week. He has been out of work since January 11, 2012, when ...

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Texas Firefighter Settles With FD

A Texas firefighter who resigned after being disciplined for taking photos of dead bodies at an emergency scene has reached a settlement with his former employer that will allow him to keep his job. City of Irving agreed to reinstate ...

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Allentown Firefighters Appeal Arbitration Ruling

Allentown, PA Firefighters IAFF Local 302 have appealed an interest arbitration decision handed down last month to Lehigh County Court.  The suit alleges that the arbitrator made several procedural errors in granting the award that covers four years, including overstepping ...

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