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Constitutional Rights

Flags, Stickers, and the Same Old Same Old

Today’s burning question #1: My fire chief is an imbecile. He has suspended a bunch of us (myself included) because we refused to remove American flag decals from our fire helmets and lockers. Its really pretty typical of our idiotic chief. He doesn't support us ... Today’s burning question #2: I am a fire chief and received a complaint about inappropriate and offensive photos and stickers on lockers and helmets.

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Akron Fire Faces Litigation Paralysis

An article published today by the Akron Beacon/ raises serious concerns about the inadvertent impact that a discrimination suit is having on the safety of firefighters in the Akron Fire Department. The suit over promotional examinations that took place in 2004 has paralyzed the department, leaving just 68 of 120 officer’s positions filled.

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Police Fire Wars in Louisiana AGAIN

There’s been another incident involving a police officer arresting a firefighter over a line of duty action, this time in Winnfield, Louisiana because the officer did not like where a fire truck was parked at an incident scene.

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Wisconsin Firefighters Face Discipline Over Cellphone Recording

Two Kenosha, Wisconsin union officials are facing suspensions for their role in a complicated case where a cellphone allegedly recorded a discussion that took place after they stepped out of a meeting with the fire chief. But the case raises a number of more complicated issues involving criminal law, evidence, and even a Constitutional question or two!!!

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Cellphone Searches and Stipends

Today’s burning question: My fire department gives firefighters a stipend of $125 dollars a year to cover the costs of various text messages they send us and any work related calls we make/receive. Does this give the department the right to search our personal phones?Answer: No, a simple stipend would not – in and of itself – authorize a fire department to “search” someone’s cellphone

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