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Constitutional Rights

Mass Firefighter Loses Retaliation Suit

A Massachusetts firefighter who claims he was disciplined in retaliation for his political support of a candidate running for fire board, and for reporting his own ethics violation, has lost his federal court law suit. David Pierce was a captain ...

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More Police Fire Wars – South Carolina

There has been yet another police-fire wars incident, this time in South Carolina, and this time two firefighters ended up in jail. That makes three police-fire war cases in the news in the past 2 weeks!!!! Fire Chief Andy Martin, ...

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DCFEMS’ Failed Cadet Program

In the aftermath of the death of Cecil Mills, the Washington Post has done an excellent job of uncovering truly scandalous details about the DCFEMS cadet program, and Dave Statter has done even a better job of putting it all ...

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Male on Male Sexual Harassment Suit in New York

A rather strange case of harassment directed at both a father and a son has prompted a lawsuit in Westchester County. Matthew Bruno, a probationary firefighter with the Greenville Fire District who was terminated last September after complaining about being ...

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Union Accuses Fire Chief of Harassment and Retaliation

A California firefighters’ union has filed a tort claim against a city, its fire chief, the city manager, the mayor and city councilmembers following what they allege has been “ongoing retaliation, harassment, and discrimination” by the fire chief. The Downey ...

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Howard County Facebook and the First Amendment

Last month we covered a lawsuit filed on behalf of Howard County Battalion Chief Kevin Buker who was terminated over a series of Facebook posts on gun control last January. Yesterday, we reviewed a second suit by Mark Grutzmacher, a ...

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