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Constitutional Rights

More Racial Allegations in New Haven

New Haven is back in the Fire Law news with word that firefighter Michael Briscoe has filed a race discrimination complaint with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities against IAFF Local 825. You may recall, in 2009 Briscoe ...

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NC Supreme Court Rules in Chapel Hill FD Case

The North Carolina Supreme Court has issued a final ruling in the case of State v. Dorothy Verkerk that raised the issue of whether firefighters who use their red lights and sirens to stop a vehicle driving recklessly violate the ...

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DOJ and Austin Settle Discrimination Suit

The City of Austin, Texas and the US Department of Justice have reach an agreement to settle a race discrimination lawsuit filed in 2013. The DOJ filed suit on behalf of 12 African-American and 18 Hispanic applicants who alleged the ...

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Kentucky Firefighter Sues Over Racist Facebook Posting

A Kentucky firefighter who complained about racially offensive Facebook postings has filed suit in state court claiming his chief and other fire department officials have created a hostile work environment by tolerating such statements. Michael Williams, a firefighter with the ...

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Off Duty Supervision Challenged in Illinois

Today’s burning question: Can an officer be disciplined for not supervising a firefighter while both are off-duty? For example if some officers were out on the town with some firefighters, and the firefighters start to get a little rowdy, do ...

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Kansas City Firefighter Prevails on Retaliation Claim

A Kansas City, Missouri firefighter who claims he was denied a promotion because of his race, has been awarded $296,183.91. Eric Sanders filed suit claiming discrimination and retaliation. In February a jury ruled against him on two discrimination claims, but ...

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