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Civil Suit

Attorney Challenges FAA Anti-Drone Directive With FF Safety Angle

An attorney well known for his advocacy of aerial drones filed three lawsuits last Friday against the FAA challenging a directive issued in June that extends the government’s ban on the commercial use of drones and limits the use of video technology that allows the operator to see what the drone sees. One of the suits uses a firefighter safety argument to make the point that the FAA's plan is flawed.

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Jacksonville Lieutenant Sues For Sexual Harassment

A rescue lieutenant with Jacksonville Fire and Rescue has filed a sexual harassment suit in US District Court for the Middle District of Jacksonville, Florida. Lieutenant Candice Buckner claims she was harassed and that once she complained her problems got worse. She alleges that much of the harassment came from fellow officers.

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Shreveport Fire Bullying Case Sparks Suit By Detective

The strange bullying case that resulted in criminal charges against seven Shreveport firefighters including the fire chief, just got a lot stranger with the filing of a retaliation lawsuit by the police detective who headed the investigation. Shreveport homicide detective ...

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Chicago Prevails in Sexual Harassment Suit

The sexual harassment lawsuit against the City of Chicago highlighted last week in a blog post has been dismissed.On Monday, US District Court Judge George M. Marovich dismissed the complaint brought by a former payroll auditor, Deidre Green, who claimed that former Fire Commissioner John Brooks pursued her sexually and then targeted her for a layoff

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Chicago Fire Faces Sexual Harassment Suit

The Chicago Fire Department is facing a sexual harassment suit that goes right to the top of the organization: former fire commissioner John Brooks. Former payroll auditor Deidre Green claims Commissioner Brooks pursued her sexually and then targeted her for a layoff when she refused his advances.

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Tucson Sued Over Breast Milk Accommodation

A paramedic with the Tucson Fire Department has filed suit claiming the department has wrongfully refused her requests to be assigned to a fire station that could accommodate her need to express breast milk. The case raises a little known ...

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