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Civil Suit

Oregon Chief and City Sued for $1.2 Million

A fire department employee who was forced to resign last year amidst allegations of forgery has filed a $1.2 million action against the City of Springfield, Oregon and three high-ranking city employees including the fire chief. Linda Morris claims she ...

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Indy Firefighters Sue over Changes to Health Care

Indianapolis firefighters and police unions have filed suit against the city seeking to block a proposed change in health care. IAFF Local 416 and FOP Lodge 86 claim that the city’s unilateral change from the current Advantage HMO plan to a health saving account violates the terms of their collective bargaining agreements.

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Akron Fire Faces Litigation Paralysis

An article published today by the Akron Beacon/ raises serious concerns about the inadvertent impact that a discrimination suit is having on the safety of firefighters in the Akron Fire Department. The suit over promotional examinations that took place in 2004 has paralyzed the department, leaving just 68 of 120 officer’s positions filled.

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Should Cancer Presumption Laws Be Data or Policy Driven

Today’s burning question: Our union has been fighting for a cancer presumption provision in our collective bargaining agreement for years to no avail. We have even started working at the state level to get legislation enacted. Isn’t there a way we can force the city to accept the obvious: that firefighting increases the risk of contracting cancer?

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Attorney Challenges FAA Anti-Drone Directive With FF Safety Angle

An attorney well known for his advocacy of aerial drones filed three lawsuits last Friday against the FAA challenging a directive issued in June that extends the government’s ban on the commercial use of drones and limits the use of video technology that allows the operator to see what the drone sees. One of the suits uses a firefighter safety argument to make the point that the FAA's plan is flawed.

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Jacksonville Lieutenant Sues For Sexual Harassment

A rescue lieutenant with Jacksonville Fire and Rescue has filed a sexual harassment suit in US District Court for the Middle District of Jacksonville, Florida. Lieutenant Candice Buckner claims she was harassed and that once she complained her problems got worse. She alleges that much of the harassment came from fellow officers.

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