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Monocular Vision Not a Per Se Barrier to Fire Service

Anthony Rorrer was a firefighter for the Stow (Ohio) Fire Department from May of 1999 to July 4, 2008, when a bottle-rocket injured his right eye in an off-duty accident. Rorrer lost all vision in his right eye leading the fire department to eventually terminate his employment.

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Maine Chief Terminated Over Amputations

A long-serving Maine fire chief is contemplating filing suit over his recent termination that was attributed to his legs being amputated. Skowhegan Fire Chief Tom Keene, was terminated on December 30, 2013 by Town Manager John Doucette Jr. Doucette admitted ...

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Injured California Firefighter Suing For Retaliation

A Vallejo, California firefighter who suffered second and third degree burns while trying to save a victim’s life has filed suit following his dismissal in November 2012 alleging the city illegally retaliated against him. Todd Milan filed the suit against ...

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Challenges to Physical Abilities Testing

Today’s Burning Question: We are in the process of validating our annual work performance testing (incumbent testing). It is a physical abilities test we have all personnel complete involving routine job functions while wearing all PPE and SCBA. The members ...

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Texas Firefighter Sues For Comp Disability

A Texas firefighter who was terminated while recuperating from a back injury has filed suit seeking $1 million in damages. University Park Fire Department Paramedic Brad Tucker, 31, was injured on October 20, 2011 while lifting a patient. He had ...

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Ohio FF Loses Monocular Vision ADA Case

An Ohio firefighter/paramedic who lost an eye in an off-duty fireworks accident, today lost a federal court lawsuit to get his job back. Anthony Rorrer was injured in a bottle rocket incident of the 4th of July, 2008. Afterwards, he ...

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