Virginia Firefighters Charged Following Investigation Into Sex Allegations

Here is a follow-up to a story that broke last year. Six members of the Strasburg Volunteer Fire Department have now been charged following a Virginia State Police investigation into an alleged gang-rape of a 17-year-old girl.

Strasburg Fire Chief Dale King, 36, Captain Christopher Pangle, 32, Nathan Hirschberg, 26, Fabian Sosa, 25, Andrew Key, 24, and Bradly Marlin, 21 have all been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The offenses are misdemeanors.

According to Fox 5, the sex acts allegedly occurred at three different locations including the fire station. There are further reports that videos of the incidents were taken and shared.

Dave Statter has alot more on this one.

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  • mr618

    Copied from my comment on another Pennsylvania volunteer FD sex assault case (
    We just DO NOT seem to learn…

    I gather your programs on Social Media and FLSA are received quite well, but there seems to be a crying need for another: Keep It Zipped 101. The text would be fairly simple:

    1. If she’s under age, she’s off limits
    2. if she’s over the age of consent, she’s off limits
    3. If you’re married, or engaged, or dating, or even single, she’s off limits
    4. If she’s married, or engaged, or dating, or even single, she’s off limits
    5. If you are her officer, she’s off limits
    6. If you are her senior co-worker, she’s off limits
    7. If you have the exact same seniority, she’s off limits
    8. If you are on different squads, she’s off limits
    9. If you’re on the same squad, she’s off limits
    10. if you’re on the same department, she’s off limits
    11. if you wouldn’t want to see your story splashed all over the media, she’s off limits.

    You could even make this one available to our brothers in blue… they seem to have a hard time keeping it zipped, too.

    “Keep It Zipped… So That Everyone Goes Home… Cause Jail Sucks!”


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