Explorer Program Sex Scandal Leads to Departure of MI Chief and Deputy Chief

A fire chief has retired and a deputy chief was terminated in the aftermath of a sex scandal in the Cascade Township (MI) Fire Department that led to criminal charges against two other firefighters.

Fire Chief John Sigg retired and Deputy Fire Chief John Shipley was terminated last Friday by Cascade Township Manager Ben Swayze following a review into the department’s Explorer program. Swayze told reporters that the review found deficiencies in policies and procedures within the program.

Earlier this year, firefighters Clem Bell, 51, and Steven Drake, 32, were charged with felony child sexually abusive activity and possession of child sexually abusive material. They reportedly had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl who was part of the Explorer program. Bell is accused of producing child sexually abusive material of the girl.

Here is more on the story.

Here is more on the criminal charges.

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  • mr618

    I guess we have to review “Keeping It Zipped 101:”
    1. If she’s under the age of consent, she is off-limits.
    2. If she is an Explorer, she is off-limits.
    3. If you are the Explorer leader, she is off-limits.
    4. If you are older than she is, she is off-limits.
    5. If you are an officer, she is off-limits.
    6. If you are married, she is off-limits.
    7. If you are not married, she is off-limits.
    8. If you are male, she is off-limits.
    9. If you are female, she is off-limits.
    10. If this is something you would prefer not to see splashed all over the front page (and Chief Varone’s blog), she is off-limits.

    Sweet Baby Jesus, how many people have to get jammed up before people learn that EXPLORERS AREN’T THERE FOR YOUR SEXUAL PLEASURE?!?

    Yes, they may be cute as a button, and yes, they may “look adorable” in their turnouts, BUT KEEP IT FREAKING *ZIPPED*, OKAY???


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