$40 Billion YCMTSU Racketeering Suit in Massachusetts Names Fire Department

Today’s burning question: What do Tom Brady, the Boston Celtics, Prince Harry and the Brockton Fire Department have in common?

Answer: They have all been named in a $40 Billion lawsuit filed by a Massachusetts woman brought to light today by Boston.com. Sophia Josephs alleges a massive racketeering enterprise perpetrated by 88 defendants including the band Oasis, Def Jam Recordings, the sports teams – the Boston Celtics and the NE Patriots, as well as “a guy in the apartment to the left diagonal space from my old apartment”, “the neighbors across the hall”, the “white man that lives up the street”, and the “Asian boy from elementary” school.

The rambling complaint filed by Josephs pro-se (without an attorney) accuses the defendants of a variety of misdeeds, including:

  • The Boston Celtics player Rajan Rondo was stalking me for his own benefits and there is no way of telling who else was involved if Rajan Rondo would partake in such activites.
  • Prince Harry broke into my place after his stunt with the racketeering fell through.
  • Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. was a part of the racketeering.
  • The New England Patriots if Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. could stoop so low as to be a part of a racketeering party then there is no telling who else could possibly be involved.
  • Pentecostal Assemblies of the World need to keep a closer eye on their preachers so innocent saints like me do not become a target for constantly getting picked on.
  • The asian man from elementary school is a part of the racketeering.

For its part the Brockton Fire Department stands accused of being:

  • “lenient on its workers who had sleepovers with females guests and let its workers skip out on work or switch shifts for non important reasons.”

Here is a copy of the complaint, which was filed last January in US District Court in Boston: Josephs v Offutt

Here is the Boston.com article.

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