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San Francisco Disciplines Battalion Chief Over Helmet Cam

The San Francisco battalion chief whose helmet cam video captured the death of a plane crash victim last July has received a letter of reprimand for violating the department’s policy on unauthorized recordings in the workplace.

Battalion Chief Mark Johnson was the incident commander when a fire truck ran over 16 year old Ye Meng Yuan at San Francisco International Airport following the crash of an Asiana Airlines 777 on July 6, 2013. Yuan was covered in foam and lying on the tarmac at the time.

Video from Chief Johnson’s helmet cam is being used by the National Transportation Safety Board and the San Francisco Police Department in their investigations. No word on whether Chief Johnson plans to appeal the discipline.

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  • ukfbbuff


    A. SFFD has policy that on the day of the airplane crash was not adquately enforced.

    B. The BC used his camera, from which it was found how the passenger died.

    C. The Chief re-iterates the "No camera" Policy.

    D. Then she comes out and say's their's some "Wiggle Room" in using one as in this incident it was helpful…But…

    E. The BC is now up for disciplinary action.

    F. Does the SF Chief got her facts straight???

    Why so shakey on this?


  • RJ in florida

    Firefighter "privacy" rights?..victim privacy rights?…hows does a firefighter have privacy rights (well i understand thats california doling out law) but seriously, considering a firefighter to have the right not to be filmed as they work…ok, how does the news cover fires, the media has a waver from every member?

    this is a total back track because somebody on either side spoke to a lawyer