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Long Saga Ends In West Palm Beach

It would appear that the long saga of West Palm Beach Fire Captain Rick Curtis is finally at an end with a settlement announced today that will resolve all outstanding suits and complaints.

Captain Curtis has been featured here at Fire Law Blog on at least five occasions, the most recent being last month when the Florida Public Employee Relation’s Board denied his claim that his union failed to adequately represent him during his termination over an off-duty drunk driving incident.

During his DUI arrest, Captain Curtis was video taped directing an expletive filled tirade at police officers. That video was later made public, he was convicted of DUI, and terminated from the department.

However, Captain Curtis was able to get the conviction thrown out by proving that the judge in his case had an undisclosed relationship with firefighters’ union vice-president with whom he was at odds. Captain Curtis was then acquitted, and sought to be reinstated to the department.

West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio announced the settlement today which calls for the city to pay Captain Curtis $200,000 in exchange for him dropping all pending lawsuits and claims. According to Mayor Muoio, “He has dropped his claim to be reinstated as an employee and dropped all lawsuits and pending lawsuits.”

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