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Ten Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2012

I came across this humorous story from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform, and while I do not share their views on the need for legal reform… and am certain there is more to each of these stories that would put them in an entirely different light… they are pretty funny. Enjoy:

The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2012 are:

  1. Intoxicated Florida driver pleads guilty to manslaughter, then sues victim he killed.
  2. Michigan woman files $5 million suit for the leftover gas still in her repossessed car.
  3. 13-year-old Little Leaguer sued by spectator who got hit with baseball.
  4. Maximum security inmate who went to jail with five teeth sues prison for dental problems.
  5. Anheuser Busch sued when longneck bottle used as weapon in bar fight.
  6. National Football League fan sues Dallas Cowboys over hot bench.
  7. California restaurateur sued for disabilities act violations in parking lot he doesn’t own.
  8. Colorado man wins $7 million blaming illness on inhaling microwave popcorn fumes.
  9. $1.7 billion suit claims City of Santa Monica wireless parking meters causing health problems.
  10. Bay Area parents sue school after their son was kicked out of honors class for cheating.

Incidentally, while there were no fire department suits in the 2012 listing, we have had our share of stories over the years. Recall the 2011 case from Frenchtown Township, Michigan where an impaired driver with a sordid driving history drove into the back of a fire truck parked at a previous accident, had to be extricated with the jaws of life, and then had the audacity to sue the fire department and firefighters who helped save his life.

You can’t make this stuff up…. dot net.

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  • Ron Ayotte

    I don’t know what is worse.. these lawsuits or the attorneys taht have the audacity to file them (no offence intended, Chief!)

    • Curt Varone

      None taken Ron

      But in their defense – there probably is a lot more to each of the cases… at least I hope so.

  • Andrew

    Please, oh please tell me the apostrophe was already there in “Institute for Legal Reform’s”. Incorrect u’se of apostrophe’s really pis’s me off……..

    …or at least that you forgot the word “website” after it.

    (See what happens if your father spends his entire working life as a journalist?)

    • Curt Varone

      Andrew … What are you referring????

      OK… just kidding. I fixed it. Cut and paste error but I had to fire my editor. Too many mistakes. You want a job? 25 cents a day.

      • Andrew

        I know, just busting stones. You know how former cops just love them some lawyers…

        Hope you and yours had a good holiday season.

  • Andrew

    Of course, if that’s all I can find to complain about, you’re not doing too badly…

    • Curt Varone

      If you do alot of writing you develop the ability to look right past obvious errors… It is not that you don’t know the grammar rules, how to spell, etc. and its not that when you see the errors that you are too lazy to fix them – it is that you read the sentence and your brain does not process what is actually written – it processes what you intend to say…

      Well, at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.