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Another Prankster Uses Hitler Rant Video Clip

The video clip of Adolph Hitler ranting against his generals and staff has been used by another prankster to lampoon its latest victim: Colorado Springs Fire Chief Rich Brown. In March we covered a previous use of the same clip to parody a firefighter upset about being detailed to an EMS unit for a shift.

The Colorado Springs video surfaced on June 4th and despite an investigation by the city’s IT department, the department is no closer to finding the culprit. Deputy Chief Tommy Smith has indicated “If we were to find out who did that and it was done on-duty, we would hold them accountable.”

Since the video is readily available on YouTube for anyone to customize with the subtitles of their choosing, it is unlikely the Colorado Springs version will be the last fire service related use that we see.

Rather than complain about it – perhaps we might as well enjoy it… Its 2012!!! Get over it!!! A better approach would probably be to organize a contest for the best fire service related use of the Hitler video.

Any takers out there?

More on the story.

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  • Anthony Buono

    I don’t care about the back story, but the video is really funny. I am sure that it violates some department policy to equate the Chief with Hitler, but it still this was very funny; probably one of the best versions of this video I have seen.

  • Mick Mayers

    I don’t know. That one about the officer having to man the ambulance is pretty darn funny.

  • John Murphy

    Best one so far. Now all we need is Patton as the mayor and we’ll have a real war

  • ukfbbuff

    Good Video.
    My favorite is “Over Time at Ladder 4″

    But obviously someone thinks things in the Colorado Springs FD are working like they should.

  • ukfbbuff

    Ooop’s meant to say;

    “Things Are NOT Working”