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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Two Firefighters Accused Of Bookmaking On Duty

“These weren’t nickel-and-dime guys.” That a quote from Genesee County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Jerry Brewster last week referring to two Batavia, New York firefighters accused of running a bookmaking operation. Firefighters Gregory Phillips, 39, and Brian Bordinaro, 43, have been ...

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When Is a Raise Not A Raise?

Question: Is a step increase a raise? I suppose to the public and politicians, a step increase most certainly is a raise. One day a firefighter receives X for compensation, then next he receives X + Y. It looks like ...

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Erie Seeks Reversal of Verdict in Favor of Wolski

The city of Erie, Pennsylvania is asking a Federal court judge to reverse a jury verdict in the wrongful termination/discrimination case of female firefighter Mary Wolski. Recall two weeks ago the jury granted Wolski $206,000 in back pay and reinstatement finding ...

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Huntsville Fire Faces Sexual Harassment Quandry

Today’s Burning Question: I am a fire chief and two of my firefighters, a male and a female, were in a relationship that appears to have ended badly. They continued to work together until recently when they filed sexual harassment ...

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