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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Another Race Discrimination Suit for FDNY

Five FDNY electricians have filed a race discrimination lawsuit against three coworkers and the FDNY. The 36 page complaint alleges that supervisors and coworkers subjected the employees to ridicule, scorn, threats, and retaliation, and that they were denied overtime and ...

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Sexual Assault Alleged in London Fire Station

A woman is claiming she was sexually assaulted in a London, England fire station following a Christmas Party on December 19, 2011. Scotland Yard is investigating the case that appears to involve two firefighter-colleagues. The Daily Mail is reporting that ...

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FLSA and Volunteers

Today’s burning question is one that has come up before, and will no doubt come up again: I am the new chief of a mostly volunteer fire department. The six career firefighters, who are all former volunteers, have never been ...

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Text Messaging and Public Records Laws

Today’s burning question: Our union attended a city council meeting, and during the course of the meeting we observed one of the councilmen texting. Are his texts subject to the public record laws? I mean, wouldn’t it be awesome if ...

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Canadian Case Poses Challenge For Volunteers

There is an important case brewing north of the border that pits volunteer fire departments against the provincial Ministry of Labour in Ontario. It is a case that just as easily could be occurring in US courts, and calls into ...

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