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FDNY Calendar Model in Hot Water

An FDNY firefighter has been suspended following a domestic dispute under some rather peculiar circumstances. Taylor Murphy, who appeared as Mr. March in a 2011 firefighter calendar, was arrested last week following a domestic assault incident with girlfriend.

Apparently two weeks ago, Murphy and his girlfriend were at a strip club. That seems to be contributing factor number 1. Murphy’s girlfriend is actually a stunningly beautiful model named Claudia Charriez. In fact, she was on America’s Next Top Model in 2006. See her photos. Let’s call that contributing factor number 2.

Contributing factor number 3 occurred when several patrons asked Charriez to dance. Contributing factor number 4 arose when the owner of the club offered her a job on the spot as a dancer. Murphy got jealous, the dispute turned violent and spilled into the street outside the strip club. Murphy allegedly bit, slapped, choked and kicked Charriez, dragging her several blocks by her hair. Murphy is reported to weigh roughly 245 pounds while Charriez weighs a mere 124 pounds.

Had the story ended there, it most certainly would have qualified as one of the more bizarre “You can’t make this stuff up” stories of the year. But news sources are reporting an additional twist: Charriez used to be a male. In fact, she was disqualified from  America’s Next Top Model when it was disclosed she was born a man.

Murphy has been suspended from the FDNY and faces several assault, criminal mischief and obstruction of justice charges. He was released on personal recognizance. More on the story.

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  • Anthony Buono

    No, you can’t make this stuff up. The club where this happened was named “Fleshdancers” – it sounds like a place where a firefighter could get in trouble with his girlfriend even if she wasn’t a transsexual model. I guess on the bright side he isn’t a married father of three.

    The New York Post offered their usual color and flare in reporting this story. They make your headline for this story look very kind by comparison.

  • Curt Varone

    Anthony – as an attorney in NY, can you offer us some insight into why Murphy was charged with assault but not domestic assault?

  • Anthony Buono

    I would have to see the charges to be able to explain exactly what he was charged with. However, it sounds to me like he was charged with misdemeanor Assault in the Third Degree, probably Harassment – a violation – and Criminal Obstruction of Breathing – a newly minted misdemeanor offense that was designed to address domestic violence situations that lacked an “injury” and otherwise might not rise to the level of a misdemeanor assault.

    As for your question, under New York’s criminal law the perpetrator and the victim need to live together for it to be a “domestic assault”.

    However, because there is an “intimate relationship” between these two – presumably they had sex at some point – she could avail herself to the Family Court System. The Family Court is geared towards domestic violence cases and can issue orders of protection. This is different than a criminal prosecution and the standard of proof is lower. So in some hard to prove domestic violence cases, Family Court is the better option for the victim.

    In many Counties in New York we now have the Integrated Domestic Violence Courts. These Courts merge criminal cases with the related Family Court matters. This is more often done when children are involved. This allows all the matters to be handled before one judge instead of having separate judges for the criminal matter and the Family Court matter.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that these two don’t have any kids together, so this probably is not eligible for Family Court. In any event, if he did attack her as described, he’s got some serious issue and a criminal prosecution seems appropriate.

  • Curt Varone

    Thanks Anthony

    I wasn’t sure if perhaps the NY domestic relations laws did not extend to same sex relationships (ie the law treated them as roommates – not a parties in a domestic relationship).

  • Anthony Buono

    Now with gay marriage in New York I expect that same sex couples should be treated the same as other couples when it comes to domestic violence laws. This may take a while to become reality especially upstate where communities are less liberal.

  • 95%er

    I’m gonna go way way out on a limb and give you an absolute 100% guarantee that these two do not have ANY kids together. And you can take this to the BANK! And I’ve never met either of them.

  • Steven J. Aitchison


    …..It certainly makes for some fine reading. I think I’ll have to read your column more often….