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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Alameda Does An About-Face

That didn’t take long. Yesterday’s drowning death in Alameda, California prompted an about face today as the policy prohibiting firefighters from effecting a land based water rescue was reversed. My question is – will those who made the “tough choices” ...

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Duty to Act: Needless Drowning in Alameda

A tragic drowning in Alameda California has left the public stunned and the media smelling blood in the water – all because police officers and firefighters stood by and watched. The incident occurred yesterday, and here is the news footage. ...

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West Virginia Paramedic Charged With Striking Patient

A West Virginia paramedic has been fired and charged criminally after allegedly slapping a patient. Paramedic  Michael Wears, 37, was fired last week by the Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority following an investigation into the incident, which occurred on May ...

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Fairfax County Sexual Harassment Double Header

The Fairfax County Fire Department is in the middle of a double-header of sorts, but its no game. The department has been sued in two separate Federal lawsuits by two female firefighters for sexual harassment, and the department has lost ...

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Firefighter Accused of Sexual Assault on Fire Victim

A volunteer firefighter from Fairfield County, South Carolina has been accused of sexually assaulting a legally blind fire victim over the weekend. On Saturday, Ralph Marthers , 51, returned to the home of the female victim following a small fence fire to deliver ...

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