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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Family Sues Facebook over Photo Posted by EMT

Remember New York city EMT Mark Musarella, who posted a scene photo of a murder victim on Facebook in May of 2009? The Richmond University Medical Center fired Musarella the day after he posted the photo, his EMT certification was ...

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Can a homeowner whose house is on fire refuse AMA?

That is a bizarre question, and as phrased is not a totally accurate statement about a problem that is really worth discussing. However, the term “refusal AMA” has become so engrained into our vernacular that hopefully you catch my drift. ...

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Chief’s Actions Under Fire in New Mexico

These days, it is hardly newsworthy when a firefighter complains about a fire chief. However, a New Mexico firefighter has created headlines by formally accusing a fire chief of fireground misconduct that led to the unnecessary loss of at least ...

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Another Case of Theft in the Volunteer Fire Service

A New Jersey volunteer firefighter has been sentenced in Federal District Court for stealing $589,000 from his fire company. Charles V. Mancini III, 46, of the New Sharon Volunteer Fire Department will serve four years and four months in prison. Upon ...

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LA County Puppy Beating Case Comes To An End

The final chapter has finally been written in the infamous Los Angeles County puppy beating case. On November 3, 2008,  Jeff and Shelley Toole’s 6 month old German shepherd mix, Karley, got loose and ran into yard of LA County ...

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