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Three Houston Firefighters Terminated for Racial Notation in Report

3 Houston firefighters have been terminated over a racial slur that appeared in an incident report submitted last March, 2010. The discipline has prompted an angry response from the firefighter’s union who contends that the investigation was shoddy, and asks a very legitimate question: how can three members have been convicted of writing something that at best, only one person could possibly have done?

More on the story:

The challenges of investigating and charging firefighters with misconduct from the department's side, and defending firefighters from the union's side, is covered in depth in our 2 day program Fire Department Administrative Investigations and Enforcing Discipline. There is always two sides and it will be interesting to follow this one!

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  • John Murphy

    They should be taking your class

  • John DeSarli

    In Bridgeport  Ct. A White Lt . is suspended for being overheard saying ni&&$# [edited]. Yet a black Captain is excused for calling a female firefighter a cu#^ [edited]. You would have a field day exposing the reverse discrimination that cost the city 5.5 million for back pay and legal fees for minorities who didnt even take the test but were deterred by the cities supposed record of discrimination. The discrimination against Whites continues in the hiring and promotion process. Its called banding, another name for quotas. I retired as a Lt. and the black guy who was behind me on the Lt test was made Captain and is now Deputy Chief. Another judicial nightmare by the late T.F. Gilroy Daly/