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Virginia Ambulance Driver Charged with Reckless Driving

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  • cozmosis

    Not relating specifically to the legal aspect of this case… But how many of the firefighters who have defended this driver’s actions would be mad if a police officer got involved in a fire department incident? I don’t know the answer. But it’s bound to be more than would care to admit.
    As for me, I wasn’t there at the time. I don’t have the information the driver had. I can’t say one way or another if I would have done the same thing.

  • Curt Varone

    Thank you for your post. I too have mixed feelings about what’s appropriate in this case. The actions of the ambulance driver, no matter how well intentioned, could have resulted in a worse disaster had things gone differently. The bottom line is the facts will determine if the driver was reasonable or reckless in doing what he did.
    As for cops getting involved in fire incidents, it happens on a regular basis, from breaking windows to “help” the victims breath to parking their patrol cars in front of the building while they run in to “check out” the fire. The difference is we cannot cite them, but they can cite us.
    Thanks again for posting

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