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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Scantily Clad Women on Orlando Engine Prompts Investigation

Some Orlando firefighters have found themselves in hot water after a "concerned citizen" complained to the mayor about seeing aproximately twelve scantily clad women on a fire truck posing for pictures, kissing firefighters, spilling drinks, etc. The concerned citizen include ...

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Bailout Law for Firefighters

When someone refers to a bailout law these days, it’s usually got something to do with the current economic crisis. However, the state of New York State Department of Labor Code recently issued a new occupational safety and health regulation ...

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Residents Sue to Block Fire Station Renovation: But Why?

Plans to renovate and expand the fire station in the Village of Fayetteville, NY ran into some unanticipated legal difficulties last week when two Fayetteville residents filed a lawsuit contending that the expansion would violate certain restrictive covenants in the ...

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$1.2 mil More in Settlements for Charleston Families

Seven additional defendants in the tragic Charleston Sofa Super Store fire have settled out of court with the families of eight of the fallen firefighters, according to documents recently filed in Charleston County Court. The June 18, 2007 fire claimed ...

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Federal Signal Found Liable for Q-Siren Related Hearing Loss

A Pennsylvania jury has awarded a Philadelphia firefighter $100,000 in damages against Federal Signal Corp. for hearing loss associated with the venerable Federal Q-Sirens. Firefighter Edward Smyl alleged that the Q-Sirens were negligently designed, unreasonably dangerous, and emited such an intense ...

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Police Fire Wars Continue

There has been another skirmish in the Police-Fire Wars, the battle over who is in charge at emergency scenes. This time the skirmish occurred in a most unlikely place: California, the birth place of ICS, the system that was supposed ...

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